Civil Product Industry

There are lots of plastic products everywhere in our life, such as plastic cup, washbasin, fuse box, trash can, fast food box, stationery, and packing boxes.


XTD series

This series is a Hilectro standard open servo manipulator, and can meet the needs of basic and complex requirements of the pick-up. The drive mode adopts full servo motor to meet the requirement of quick pick-up.


XTD: trash can

Customer’s production site

XTB: plastic cup

Customer’s production site

XTA: tap

Surrounding automation

XTA: pipe joint

Surrounding automation

XTA: daily necessities

XTA and its surrounding robotic automation
1. Take products by manipulator.

4.The robot assembles products.

2. The robot transfers and positions products peripherally.

5. The robot heaps products up.

3. The robot applies glue.


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