Up-take longitudinal manipulator series

Hilectro XTC series

  • Adaptive injection molding machine: 60-4000t
  • Longitudinal taking out
  • More convenient operation
  • Space saving

Hilectro XTC series

This series mainly reduces the distance between injection molding machines by means of longitudinally taking out parts, which improves the utilization ratio of customer workshops, and at the same time, longitudinal removal is more conducive to centralized processing products of conveyor lines and the branch conveyor lines are saved, improving the factory employment environment and increasing the production efficiency.

  • Compared with horizontal manipulator, space utilization of the longitudinal manipulator is increased by 20%.
  • Provide solution for two-color machine system
  • The distance between injection molding machines is smaller
  • Save space

Main models:

Model Adaptive injection molding machine
XTC800 60-250t
XTC900 250-380t
XTC1100 380-530t
XTC2000 1600-4000t