Side pickup full servo robotic arm

Hilectro XTS series

  • Adaptive150-480t
  • More stable structure
  • More convenient operation
  • More comprehensive use

Hilectro XTS series

For disposable lunch box industry, XTS series side pickup robotic arm is researched and launched. This series of robotic arm can meet the demand of removing, stacking and labeling of disposable fast-food box products with high-speed injection molding machine, which meets the production demand of the industry and improves the production efficiency.

Including models:

  • XTS: normal side pickup machine
  • XTS/D: side pickup stack mold
  • XTS/L: side pickup labelling

Suitable injection molding machine

Adaptive 150-480t

Pickup object

Fast shaping product, fast box/water cup

Servo axis number

Three axis



In-mold time